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Delivering net zero actions

Achieving a zero-carbon economy requires new skills and co-ordinated delivery of actions.

We believe in people-centred approaches that build opportunities and confidence in a waste-free and low carbon society. 

Services include:

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Circular economy strategy training

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Sustainable project management

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Climate change training

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Sustainable entrepreneurship

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Systems innovation coaching

Client testimonials

Discover how our collaborative approach has driven remarkable results.

"Richard has been coaching postgraduate students for me on the arts of climate tech innovation for a number of years. Richard is a true expert in climate tech and the application of the processes that take the innovator/entrepreneur from idea generation to business creation. Equally importantly he is a terrific coach – he listens carefully, prompts discussion and creates space for directed student thinking and creativity. All the things that I needed for the course."

Professor Richard Templer

Imperial College

"Richard was one of my coaches during the Climate-KIC Journey 2020. He is an amazing and supportive person, whose persistence and thoughtfulness is inspiring and motivating for everybody. During the Journey, he helped me a lot by providing important insights regarding different aspects of climate change and guided me in developing a strategy to deal with it. The feedback I received from Richard was invaluable and has helped me become a better person by upgrading my interpersonal skills like stakeholder and community engagement. He is an open person with a positive attitude and I can not recommend him enough."

Brajesh Madhuchandra

Sustainable energy engineer

"I have worked with Richard on the design and realization of a Circular Learning Site in a complex environment with many stakeholders and influencers. Richard has been a strong driving force aligning stakeholders, staying focussed on delivering according to planning and taking the customers’ needs into account. He has a keen eye on market developments and he comes with suggestions for improvement. It is a great pleasure to work with Richard and I can recommend him to anyone who wants to bring his or her business to a next level."

Inez Westermann

Team Lead Content Procurement & Contracting at SURF

"I have had the pleasure of working alongside Richard to deliver a complex project to a number of participants in a Nationwide Virtual Learning Environment. Throughout the process I found his technical knowledge and his ability to contextualise an enormous asset. Richard delivers his expertise in a friendly and engaging manner that puts participants at ease and enables meaningful discussion and contributions."

John Dooner


"I met Richard during the summer of 2019 during the Climate-KIC Journey, a climate innovation summer school. Richard coached us during a month in leadership, self-awareness and systems thinking (amongst other skills). 

I really believe that my experience during that summer would not have been the same if Richard had not been my coach. He managed to make me believe in myself, showing empathy, and helping me to grow. I learned so much thanks to his skills that I now want to become a coach in the near future to help people the way Richard helped me."

Isabel Kofoed

Journey participant 2019

"Symeco is able to provide me with a truly professional service at reasonable cost, which in turn, gives me confidence that MPI's customers will be very happy with the service they receive. I can thoroughly recommend the work of Richard and his team to anyone who wants to experience a first-class service from energy experts who really do care about their work and their customers.Our customers regularly feedback on our surveyor's knowledge and their personable approach. Symeco helps us deliver this service by providing commercial EPCs up to level 4."

Chris Laming

Mercian Property Inspectors

"Richard makes random people a winning team. I learned that when I started working with him in 2018 in a project that was meant to reach ridiculous goals under absurd circumstances within insane deadlines. Challenges intrigue me, so I joined the project and working with Richard was the best decision of my career. I wound up with a bunch of highly trained European professionals who are used to aim for the crazy to get the tangible. However, Richard was the ingredient that made us move in sync and reach the goal. He understands professional and personal potential, and employs everybody just at the right place at the right time, providing everybody with the professional and emotional resources they need."

Susanne Volz

Freelance circular economy and sustainable finance expert

"Symeco was recommended to us by our builders and have gone on to provide us with an excellent service. From the start, Richard listened to what we wanted and came up with advice and ideas to help. We had existing solar panels removed in order for the roof to be extended and with Richard’s know-how, we were able to get the panels back on in a better position to improve performance. Throughout the procedure Richard was hands-on in all aspects, often turning up at our request, with little warning to fit in with the builder’s schedules. Nothing appeared to be too much trouble for Richard."

Pete Whale

Renewable energy customer


Projects showcasing Symeco's transformational approach towards a decarbonised future

Local Authority Retrofit Skills

Local Authority Retrofit Skills

Symeco was part of a partnership delivering action learning sets for local authority officers delivering retrofit, funded by the Local Government Association. As part of the Sustainable Housing Action Partnership team, we gave practical advice on retrofit delivery as well as demonstrating the systems approach needed for complex programme delivery.
Developing a Europe-wide circular economy training programme

Developing a Europe-wide circular economy training programme

Since 2018, Symeco has managed Climate-KIC's circular economy programme, developing a curriculum based on Prof. Dr. Fenna Blomsma's work. The programme, Circularity Thinking, has been implemented across Europe and tailored for various sectors including food, manufacturing, plastics, and automotive.

Companies and organisations we have worked with

Let's work together


If you are a business, local authority, NGO or community organisation looking for advice and ideas about energy systems, renewable technologies, retrofit and energy saving, please contact Symeco to give some idea of your problem and what sort of solution you require.


If you are interested in working together on a new project or a bid, please email and we can arrange a discussion.

Circular economy

If you would like to find out more about Circularity Thinking and our approach for developing circular strategies, please contact us.