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The Journey is a programme delivered by Climate-KIC to support participants in their professional and personal growth through expert workshops, peer-to-peer learning activities, networking events and coaching sessions, creating solutions for climate change. Richard was a coach from 2017 to 2020 which included working with participants in Germany, Latvia, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Spain and the UK.

The programme lasted for five weeks for each year and the coaches’ role was to support the participants as they developed a deeper understanding of climate change and created entrepreneurial solutions.

One of the participants from 2019, Isabel Kofoed Alonso, said:

“I met Richard during the summer of 2019 during the Climate-KIC Journey, a climate innovation summer school. Richard coached us during a month in leadership, self-awareness and systems thinking (amongst other skills). 

I really believe that my experience during that summer would not have been the same if Richard had not been my coach. He managed to make me believe in myself, showing empathy, and helping me to grow. I learned so much thanks to his skills that I now want to become a coach in the near future to help people the way Richard helped me.”

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