Warm Homes Saves Lives

West Midlands Combined Authority
Evaluating and learning

How we helped

Symeco was part of the project team funded by the West Midlands Combined Authority to design a fuel poverty intervention programme. The project showed the scale of fuel poverty across the West Midlands and the importance of engaging with the supply chain and having a clear customer engagement process.

The report can be accessed at https://shapuk.files.wordpress.com/2020/11/warm-homes-save-lives-west-midlands-fuel-poverty-programme-proposal-february-2020_corrected-graphic-layout-1.pdf 

Let's work together


If you are a business, local authority, NGO or community organisation looking for advice and ideas about energy systems, renewable technologies, retrofit and energy saving, please contact Symeco to give some idea of your problem and what sort of solution you require.


If you are interested in working together on a new project or a bid, please email and we can arrange a discussion.

Circular economy

If you would like to find out more about Circularity Thinking and our approach for developing circular strategies, please contact us.